Saturday, June 19, 2010

Getting Bigger

Maddie is getting bigger and bigger and braver and braver every day. This week we went to the carnival at Mike's parents' church. There was a ride that I thought Maddie would like and I expected Mike to ride with her on it...well i didn't realize that there were strict height requirements, such as no one over 48" could ride and no one under 30" would be allowed on. Well Madison is over 30", so on she went. I was expecting her to be okay for the first minute or two, but after realizing she was by herself would get upset. Not my girl. She was very serious and held onto the strap, but never got upset. Of course our camera had no batteries in it so we couldn't take pictures, so we decided to go back tonight (after making sure we had charged batteries LOL).

This is her "I Like The Ride" Face LOL

Also my parents had Maddie for the night last night so we took advantage of that and decided we would try and convert Madison's crib into a toddler bed! Usually she climbs on her little stool and grabs onto the crib bars when she is ready for a nap, so I thought we would see if she would enjoy the freedom of being able to get in (and unfortunately out of) her own bed. Tonight is the first night and so far she's been okay. Hopefully she will be okay when she wakes up in the morning! As you can see from the picture she was tuckered out from the carnival, so we just let her sleep in her dress!