Sunday, May 16, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday, Aidan!

Today is your Birthday,and like many more
We will always love you ,even more than before.
We can't buy you new clothes,or buy you new toys:
We can't give to you anymore new joys.
We can't hold your hand and say I Love You!
We can't hold your hand and tell you why the sky is blue.
You are not here with us anymore,
for you have went thru that other door.
When God took you from us and chose you for him,
We thought our world would come to an end.
It almost did and we felt incomplete.
Then God gave to us some tiny new feet,
When we hear her pitter-patter,
We think of you always and we know that life matters.
We can't hold you in our arms and give you hugs and kisses;
We can only hold the memories of the days that we've been missing.
We can hold the memories of how you were so brave,
and how we played all those baby games.
We can still hear your laughter although it's years after.
We will meet you at this very spot, whenever we want to be with you in thought.
Today is your Birthday and now you are three,
We think of how much time has passed since you sat upon our knee.
We think of you often, atleast once a day,
We will love you forever, forever and always.

Happy Birthday to our little angel. Gone but never forgotten!
Three years ago I was getting ready to meet our little man. Our world was so full of hope. We knew the beginning of his life would be tough, but in the end he would be a "normal" little boy. He was taken far too young. There would be no "and they lived happily ever after" at the end of his fairytale. Every day with him was a gift. When Madison entered our lives a new piece of our heart was born, but a new piece of our hearts would break too. Every time Madison reaches a new milestone we realize just how much we missed out on with Aidan. Something so simple as a first tooth popping through.
This year we are planning of having a simple celebration for Aidan. We are planning on going to a street fair tomorrow and then to have a picnic lunch at a park where we can release 3 balloons to wish Aidan a happy birthday.


Anonymous said...

It's hard to believe 3 has passed already.
I love him as much as the day he was born, probably even more.
I miss him.

Anonymous said...

Rest in peace Aidan...