Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fall is Here!

Fall is officially here, and what would fall be without some pumpkin picking!! We went with our besties Kristin and Jason and their 3 month old son, Ryan. It was quite an adventure finding the "perfect pumpkins" but we all left happy with our pumpkin families.

I want this pumpkin, Daddy!

Madison and Ryan relaxing in the pumpkin cart

Every day Madison surprises me more and more with her new abilities. She is eating solids 3 times a day now, her faves are sweet potatoes, peas, banana orange medley and pear strawberry banana w/granola. She used to be a super messy eater however she has gotten so much better in the last week or so and now most of the food makes it into her mouth. She has just started drinking apple juice as well so her formula intake seems to be less and less every feeding. Madison is also becoming a lot more mobile. She is able to lay on her belly and push her butt up in the air and pull herself with her arms, she is quite the little inchworm! I had video of this but somehow it got lost in the camera, I will try and video it again to show everyone.


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