Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Doctor's Appointment

Maddie had her 6 month check-up today and oh what an appointment it was! I think her doctor had 2 new assistants because they both seemed a little frazzled by 10am.
Maddie's weight height and head circumference were checked. She weighs 18lbs 3oz, she is 27 inches long and her HC was 17 1/4.
So the doctor comes in and says "let's see where she falls on the growth chart" I joked and said, "well she gained 2lbs in a month, i'm pretty sure she is off the chart at this point."(Maddie is usually in the 90th to begin with). So she says it is 15th for weight *insert wide eyes here* and I said there is NO WAY and continued with other crazy percentiles. I reinterated that there was no way that Madison could be 15th percentile for weight and the doctor agreed that there must have been a mistake somewhere...so I said to her "maybe they got entered into another little girl's chart because at first the assistant thought she was doing "Brianna's" measurements and I told her that it was Madison not Brianna and the girl was like oh ok. Sure enough the doctor looked and her assistant entered it into the wrong chart. The doctor apologized and went to get the right information. Came back a minute later and Madison is in the 89% for weight, 87% for height and 93% for HC.
So we continue with the check up and I asked her some questions about Maddie's eating habits and such. Now Maddie has been eating solids 1 time a day. She said that Madison can eat solids 3 times a day!!! I swear our pedi has some vested interest in Maddie becoming world's biggest baby or something LOL...i mean the girl gained 2lbs in a month eating just 1 time a day. But I agree with her that the more solids she eats the less bottles she will eat and hopefully will cut out the night feeds because as of right now she is eating 5 times a day, however 2 of the times are at night because she falls asleep before she can get her "bedtime bottle". The doc also thinks that she can probably move up to stage 2 foods...clearly we have been holding Maddie back lol.
Madison also got 3 vaccines and she took it like such a champ, first was an oral vaccine, then 2 shots and she didn't even cry until she started to get the bandaid :)
We also need to start calling her Madison more often. I don't mind the nickname Maddie, however she looks when someone says "Maddie" however when we call her Madison she doesn't recognize that we are talking to her, so we have to make a more conscious effort to call her Madison.