Monday, October 5, 2009

6 months old

So Madison has turned 6 months old over the weekend, where has the time gone??
Some of Madison's favorite things are:
1. smiling at random strangers (this helped big time on the flight home from Rome, because she was doing her shriek talking where she isn't upset, she is just screeching, for some of the flight,which i'm sure for some passengers wasn't so cute/funny)
2. her Rainforest Jumperoo
3. eating solids (so far she has tried carrots and sweet she will be trying squash, she likes the sweet potatoes more than the carrots)
4. the "Hotdog Song" from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (whenever she hears it she lights up like a christmas tree)
5. anything "daredevil-ish" such as hanging upside down, being thrown from person to person, being thrown in the air.
6. Razzberries, she loves these so much she has learned to do them herself!

Some of Madison's not so favorite things are:
1. being horizontal. When she learned to roll over she never wanted to be on her back, now that she has learned to sit on her own and be held standing that's all she wants to be.
2. Uncle Dave's "elephant noise". The first time he did it she cried i think probably the hardest she has ever cried before. Now he just starts the noise and she starts to whimper.
3. Oatmeal. Ever since getting solids oatmeal is a thing of the past.

On Sunday it was so beautiful out we decided to go out to the park. Madison absolutely LOVED the swings as evidenced by the picture below

We also got Madison's 6 month/fall picture. She really liked the pumpkin ;)