Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Clearly I'm a terrible updater. I need to get into the habit of writing tiny blogs a few times a week rather than wait for a lot of things to update about at once because then it just snowballs out of control!

First I want to start the update off with a sad note. Today marks Aidan's 2 year angelversary. Some days it feels like just yesterday he was in our arms and some days it feels like a lifetime ago. I recently found a quote that I love... "Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal." We have so many precious memories with Aidan, each one more special than the next.
While it is a sad day, it's also a happy day as we are leaving for Europe for 2 weeks. Aidan will be travelling with us. We have a few ideas of where we will leave him...the grand canal in venice, the vatican, etc. We will be sure to post pictures after we return.

Maddie has just turned 5 months going on 5 years....every day she surprise me more and more! Since our last update she has been baptized, went on vacation to Virginia Beach and is about to start her world travels beginning with italy. She has been sleeping through the night since she was about 3 months old, except to wake up for a midnight snack but then goes right back to bed. She is probably one of the happiest babies i've ever met...even when she was sick last week she was constantly smiling! She has started within the last month trying out cereals...just 2 days ago for the first time ever she was actually excited to eat the oatmeal and bananas, usually she would just cry after a few spoonfuls. Madison LOVES to babble and be heard, once she starts talking I think the world might need earplugs because she is going to be talking some ears off...she is definitely an opinionated little girl! For the last few months she has been rolling over from her back to her tummy and since learning this new skill has become a bona fide tummy sleeper, I used to fight it but now I just go with's a lot easier and the doctor said not to worry about it because she has great head/neck control and easily rolls over. Speaking of doctors...Maddie went to the doctor on Saturday and she continues to stay in the 90th percentile for weight and height, 16lbs 3oz and 26 inches. She is up to date on all her immunizations and so far she hasn't had any reactions to them!

For a few months now Maddie has loved to stand while being held, which has now transitioned into standing holding onto furniture. I have a feeling she will completely skip crawling, however we do try and get her to do it as much as possible. Over the last week Madison has begun trying to sit up all by herself. She can hold steady for almost a minute and then starts to wobble. Just last night she sat in a high chair for dinner, I was super impressed by how well she did!
Maddie also has her first baby crush! Our friends Kristin and Jason had a baby boy on July 12th and their son Ryan is just the cutest, the first time they met that they were both awake, Maddie ate Ryan's toes...i guess that is her way of saying I love you :) LOL

Oh well, we have to leave for the airport in about an hour, so I need to wrap this up....pray for us to have a safe trip while in italy! Will post all about our european adventure after we return!

I have only a couple photos to add right now because most of them are on our SD card which is packed in the suitcase in the car to all!! (Mom, I'm sure you didn't think I'd post this before we left for Italy :) )

Madison taking a snooze!

Madison at her baptism, with her Godparents, Brian and Esmeralda


Anonymous said...

You have made me so happy with the update. I clicked on the blog and almost had a heart attack, LOL. I hope you all have a wonderful trip.
I have been thinking about 2 years ago a lot lately. I miss Aidan so much. And now I am missing Miss Madison, but I know that in a couple of weeks I will be able to hold & laugh with her again.
Love, Mom & Dad