Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Drooly Julie

so it was a nice sunny day yesterday which is a nice change since I've felt like we moved to Seattle and no one told us, so we decided to head outside and enjoy the sun and get a few cute pictures along the way.

Maddie also has been enjoying lots of tummy time and just starting to figure out that her toys are there to entertain her. We've also moved into the "if i can hold onto it, it will eventually make it's way into my mouth phase" which has quickly moved into the "lick everything i come in contact with phase". it's quite comical actually, but since it's so new i'm sure the comedy will soon wear off LOL.

This weekend is Maddie's baptism. I just found out today that it will be performed by Deacon Joe. I'm excited about this, I love Deacon Joe, and unfortunately he understands our pain all too well as he lost a baby as well. Pray for nice weather on Sunday! Oh and tomorrow is Maddie's first "professional" photo shoot. Mike is super upset about this because he feels that all the pictures he takes are a lot better than professional :) So pray that she cooperates and doesn't fall asleep or get cranky mid-way through LOL.


Anonymous said...

I love the picture.
She is just so cute!
I know I am prejudice:)

Anonymous said...

i love her. i will keep you guys in mind as you go to the photo shoot tomorrow :-) maybe we shouldn've given you a shirt with jason-smell - he always seems to keep her in a mellow mood. haha.

Rebecca said...

So cute! That outfit is darling!