Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Deadly Drycleaning

So after a party where I decided to clean up nice and wear a suit I put my suit on the dining room table with my SD cards in the pocket. The suit, which was sitting around, my mother assumed needed cleaning and put it in the dryel bag with the SD cards still in the suit pockets. 2 cards survived and 1 didn't quite make it through. So I glued it back together with some duco cement and the 8GB card worked again. Unfortunately, the cement didn't hold it together for very long and I moved on to Super Glue. With our Nikon D90 currently getting warranty repairs and us unable to find our old camera, we bought a Samsung 10Mega Pixel "Mickey Mouse" camera. [Mickey Mouse Camera == any camera that isn't a Digital SLR]. Laura had warned me not to use the cemented / super glued / dryeled SD card but I couldn't resist I wanted the other 2 cards for the DSLR. It worked fine until I tried to remove the card to put the pictures on the Internet for Laura's latest blog post. Some of the pictures we lost because of my mistake of using the decrepit old busted card:

Madison 2nd bath Pictures which included her deciding the best time to pee would be when she was naked en route to the bathtub. Soooo she sprayed her daddy a bit.

Madison holding her head up playing on her activity mat.

Madison looking in the mirror at her cute self.


Laura is MAD