Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I didn't realize how difficult it would be to update everyone as much as I would like to. As tough as it is to have a child in the NICU, you have a lot more time to throw a quick update on the web.

Madison is a complete joy! She has her moments, however Mike and I could not be luckier, Maddie is an angel of a baby. She lets us sleep quite a bit more than I first expected. The only time she gets overly fussy is if she is hungry or has been up too long and is overtired.

My favorite moments of the day are:
1. after Madison has her early morning(between 5 and 6) feed, she never wants to go back to sleep in the cradle, so we bring her into our bed and have Maddie cuddle time and we get a few more hours of sleep.
2. just as Madison is about to fall asleep, sometimes she gets this big goofy grin on her face as she is drifting off...always puts a smile on my face!
3. Maddie is a cuddle bug and she loves to lay on her belly on people, however when she lays on me, she lays on her belly but sideways just like she did in utero.
4. when Madison is being held and she is looking around the room, she gets wide eyed as she is absorbing everything around her.

I promise to try harder to give more frequent updates and add pictures. I plan on adding in the near future "Things I've learned along the road of motherhood" to our blog.


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We need updates