Friday, April 24, 2009


So I wanted to tell everyone how much I love having Madison in a Snugli. Laura gets mad cause I hold her in it for about two hours while I play on the computer then pass her off whenever she gets cranky. I'm sure this post will be used against me but I don't care I love when Madison is sleeping on my chest!


Anonymous said...

we want pictures of her in the snugli not of the snugli!

laura said...

lol we would but our camera is getting fixed bc its broken :(

mike said...

I have been very depressed about it my Nikon D90 is such a pretty camera and all of a sudden it would not power on anymore. needless to say It's under warrenty and we are unable to find our "mickey mouse" camera. (mickey mouse camera = any camera other then my Digital SLR)