Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Our Chunky Monkey

Went to the doctors on Monday and had another ultrasound. We got the 100% confirmation that Madison is indeed a girl :) Janie also looked at my placenta and it is still low. She tried to show me, it's a lot more confusing than looking at the baby LOL, what makes it a previa. The basic jist of it is currently the placenta is not completely covering my cervix (a good thing) it's on the very edge, however if I were to go into labor when my cervix begins to dialate it would then begin to overlap and obstruct the baby from coming out. So while Janie isn't a doctor she is 99% sure that we will be discussing c-sections at my next appointment.
Janie then began doing measurements and Madison is measuring 1-2 weeks ahead of schedule. She is in the 60th percentile for her age. So Janie estimates that Madison will be between 8 and 8.5 pounds at birth. While this could be true, I think she will be in the high 7's. They also thought Aidan would be a little bigger and he was a teeny tiny 6.2 pounds. So while Madison is having adequate weight gain, I'm actually losing weight!! Since my last appointment in January I lost 8 pounds and in the first trimester I had lost 15 pounds for a grand total of 23 pounds lost so far. I think I may be one of the few pregnant women in the world who will actually probably walk away from this pregnancy weighing less than I did when I got pregnant. woohoo!! enjoy our little chunky monkey :)

hand always up at her face

practicing her "call me" sign

the "bubbles" by her mouth is actually the umbilical cord

look at the size of those chubby cheeks!!!


Anonymous said...

She's so cute! And laura as someone that gained 90lbs during my pregnancy I'm very jealous! Hope u get to go natural ,but if not I wish u a speeding recovery! Frannnie

Taryn said...

so cute! this is so exciting :)

Rebecca said...


Could you guys send me your mailing address?

alex kiczek said...

Madison is incredibly adorable and cute!! We can't wait to meet her and see yuo guys too. C-sections are not so bad but recovery is a bit more. Wish you well and God bless. Alex, Ria & Alex III :)

Anonymous said...

wow weight lose! amazing