Wednesday, December 10, 2008

And we're having a......


Well it seems the girls won out over the boys in the poll. During the last week I thought the boys would catch up but in the end there was another couple votes for girls. I know this is going to upset everyone, but they will have to wait just a bit longer to find out if they were right or not. I went to the doctors on Monday and had "the ultrasound" however, i told Janie not to tell me if its a boy or girl but to write it on a piece of paper and seal it in an envelope. When she got to the point of the scan where she was looking she even made me look away from the screen so I don't have ANY information. We will all find out later in a surprise reveal :) When i told Mike he used mailing tape to completely surround the envelope and we both had to sign both front and back of it to know that the envelope wasn't tampered with.
Getting back to the ultrasound, this baby is crazy(but in a good way of course), or maybe we have a future thespian!! S/he was swimming all over the place, never staying put long enough to get a "great" picture but i was laughing the entire time. Like I said during the last ultrasound, this baby just like Aidan, always has at least one hand up at their face. At one point you could see the fingers moving all around and i swear the baby was waving at us! S/he was laying on his/her back, legs bent at the knees and feet crossed at the ankles, let me tell you, they were some big feet, I think the baby will be tall, which is weird bc Mike and i aren't exceptionally tall, so maybe its some reccessive genes working there. Then Janie tried to get some 3D shots and, i kid you not, in one of the pictures the baby is giving us the middle finger! So we are scanning around and Janie had a profile of the baby and she says to me,"Aww, look the baby's mouth is open" and not 2 seconds later BOOM mouth shut tight! So this child has excellent hearing lol. As far as all the technical and health issues, the baby looks great, still a very nice full stomach, good kidneys and bladder. We watched the heart beat, it was amazing, i don't remember them getting that close in with Aidan's scans, but it was truly very cool to watch. All 4 chambers were present and the valves looked great, no sign of a murmur or anything. Spine looked good as well as the brain. As far as the umbilical cord goes, still both arteries and vein present, so everything's normal there. The only slight downer during the ultrasound was my placenta. Last time as well as this time it was pretty low, covering my cervix, however it was a good size and they were happy with that. The reason its a downer is because if it doesn't move up (more accurately it doesn't move but looks like it does as the uterus expands) i'll have to have a c-section. I'm not nervous about a c-section, just makes having another baby more difficult in my opinion. 9 times out of 10 you will have to have a c-section again, which is more risky than a 1st c-section. So pray that when i go back for my 30 week scan the placenta has moved :)
I got lots of pictures from this scan, so i will try and have Mike post them later today or tomorrow.


mike said...

Laura I think understated the amount of effort put into maintaining the secret envelope when I scan in the sonogram pictures you'll see

Anonymous said...

the envelope was my idea!! Yeah!! so excited!!
love Ginny

Anonymous said...

Can I change my vote? Now I think it's a girl (or are you just trying to throw me off).
Ava Marie is a beautiful name.

Anonymous said...

I will be praying your placenta moves and you don't have to have a c section. And I do love your envelope idea. A great surprise!