Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Return of the Sonic Jelly

Well i've noticed we haven't posted for awhile, so figured i probably should. Mike had told me he had something he wanted to post but then when i asked him about it again he said he forgot what it was. oh well, maybe it will come back to him at a later date.
Anyways, as you can tell, i'm now 18 weeks pregnant. it was going pretty fast at the beginning but then after about 13-14 weeks it has slowed down considerably. hopefully with the upcoming holidays and theresa's wedding, time will start to move faster. i was telling a friend the other day that parents who have lost a child shouldn't have to wait so long for the next one, the time should get cut in half for us, i'm not saying i want a preemie but our bodies should turn into microwaves instead of ovens so the baby cooks a little faster lol.
Monday i had my first ultrasound, me and the sonic jelly were reunited once again. i absolutely adore the sonographer at my ob/gyn's, she originally noticed Aidan's pretty much non-existant stomach bubble. and as soon as i saw her she said how sorry she was to hear about Aidan and we caught up and then the fun began. The first thing she zoomed into was the stomach and there it was, a HUGE stomach bubble. she was very happy with the size of it, although i know that EA isn't genetic, it's still nice to get that confirmation. All the other organs looked good, saw 2 halves of the brain, all 10 fingers and toes, 4 chambers of the heart(although she won't confirm it until the next ultrasound bc she doesn't confirm all 4 until after you are 18 weeks. It was funny, just like Aidan this baby had their hand up at their head, but it was the opposite hand. Jane, the sonographer, joked saying they were practicing running up the phone bill already. There were so many similarities i could find between Aidan and this baby already. The new baby is quite a wiggle worm, whenever Jane would try and focus on a certain area, he or she would swim away or turn around, just like Aidan would. However, every once in awhile the baby would stay put and put on a little show. Because the baby was pretty small and still mostly bones, not alot of great pictures yet, but she did let me take 3 home. I also tried to see if we needed to add some pink to the nursery or not, Jane has never been wrong, mostly because she won't commit to a sex unless she is absolutely sure. She told me her thoughts and what she saw, but isn't 100% yet, around 80-90%, so she said next month's ultrasound she will know for sure, as long as the baby cooperates. Right now the baby is pretty high, swimming right around my belly button, and s/he is in a transverse position.
Right now the big debate Mike and I are having is baby names, we have decided on a middle name, its just trying to find a first name.


Anonymous said...

So it's a boy, huh!
A healthy baby is the BEST!

laura said...

i can neither confirm nor deny anything :) what i can confirm is that yes a healthy baby is best

Anonymous said...

congrats on the return of the sonic jelly. so happy everything went well at the sonogram. i hope the next couple months speed byfor you guys! any chance we get a hint at names and or the ultrasound pictures?

laura said...

unfortunately, mike said he isn't bothering to scan the ultrasound pictures in. they really are hard to make out, they are all just mostly of the face, and even the 1 picture i'm not really sure what the significance was, and i'm pretty much an expert at this point of distinguishing things in the pictures. as for names I like Andrew or Ava, mike likes Angela or Gabriel, pretty much i doubt any of those names will be chosen lol. but alot of people seem to think they already know, so i'm about to make a poll where you can make your predictions based on all the symptoms i've had. i think it will be fun to see what everyone says and why they think it :)

yankeegirl22024 said...

i love the name andrew, with the nickname drew. jason quickly vito-ed this idea for some reason. so choose andrew if it's a boy :-)