Friday, November 14, 2008

Guess the Gender Game

Alright, well it seems alot of people think they know or are guessing whether i'm having a boy or a girl, so i thought it would be fun to list all of the symptoms i've had throughout the pregnancy and make a poll for people to vote on. after you vote, feel free to leave a comment with your prediction and why you came to that answer, oh and leave a name, its difficult trying to figure out who all these anonymous users are ;)
- carrying high
- nausea during 1st trimester, vomitting during 2nd trimester
- leg hair is growing super fast
- fairly moody
- feet are always cold
- heartburn during 1st trimester, nothing now
- very sensitive to different smells
- could sleep for days
- sore boobs during 1st trimester
- was craving salty food during 1st trimester
- foods i like to eat: cheese (alot), pasta (not alot of red sauce) and veggies
- aversions to garlic and fried food being cooked, not wanting alot of meat
- baby's heart rate is 155-157
- when i placed a needle and thread over my belly it swung in circles
- mike has gained weight along with me (sorry babe ;) )

if there is anything else you need to know to make your determination let me know and i'll try as best i can to get you the answer
Tell all your friends about the poll, the more guesses the more fun :)

Happy Guessing!!


mike said...

I Have not gained weight !!


Anonymous said...

I believe it is a boy because you have already picked out a middle name. I figure the middle name is Michael.

Vince said...

If it isn't wearing a sombrero then it clearly isn't taking after mike, therefore it has to be a girl! If that logic doesn't seem reasonable then it's a girl because I say it will be and whatever I say goes, so there *folds arms*

But seriously, whichever it turns out to be, both myself and Euro-Laura are really happy for you ;)

Love n huggles, Vince.

Anonymous said...

Our son was born with esophageal atresia tracheomalacia, bronchomalacia, laryngomalacia and down syndrome 11 months ago so i can relate to your blog, i would love to exchange links your the first person I HAVE FOUND WITH A BLOG ON A BABY WITH ESOPHAGEAL ATRESIA. I wish you the best and i hope all is well with your son.

Anonymous said...

I think its a girl, Aidan needs a sister, and it would be a nice change, plus laura needs another girl on her side and mikey needs a daughter to protect! Hopefully a girl ~ Xoxo Theresa

Anonymous said...


you're having a girl. i just know. :-)

kl (kd)

chris said...

It's definitely a girl because of the circles with the needle and thread.

I've always liked the names Olivia or Samantha for a girl.