Sunday, August 31, 2008

Don't Believe The Hype

Alright well I will start with an update from last month. I did end up writing the letter to the recipient family, I called Life Source to make sure I didn't write about anything that wasn't allowed and the letter has sat in our room ever since. I've been lazy about trying to find a picture to include with the letter and therefore nothing has happened. My goal for the week will be to get it mailed lol.

Okay, so Mike has been bugging me to post for weeks, and when I say bugging I mean, everyday, sometimes more than once saying "When are you going to post? Can't think of anything to say?" I mean, you probably know how mean can he be lol, he is just kidding though. Some people already know, but I must say this was probably one of our best kept secrets, I was proud that we held out as long as we had. Aidan is going to be a big brother! The baby should be here around April 16th, which I'm pretty happy about. It is before Aidan's birthday, I was extremely nervous that we would get pregnant and I'd be due in May, not because it would be so close to Aidan's birthdate, but I was worried that the new baby might feel that they need to compete with an angel. That probably doesn't make much sense to anyone, but it makes perfect sense to me, haha. This pregnancy so far has been a complete 180 from Aidan's. Which brings me to the title of this post. Don't believe the hype, morning sickness has nothing to do with morning, and it certainly doesn't just stick around during the AM hours, trust me I have tried to sleep through the AM just to wake up and find the nausea waiting for me until I woke up. I've basically had this "morning sickness" for the past 3 weeks straight. I get a couple good hours here and there, but it always returns. Mike has joked with me when I am really depressed and sick that Aidan is extremely happy that he was going to have a sibling to watch over that he's dancing with the baby and because we loved to make him dance so much this is my punishment hehe. I'm hoping that this subsides by the 2nd trimester.
We are so excited to welcome this new bundle of joy, but I can't help but be nervous. Not to mention the fact that we now have to find a new "home" for Aidan. For the past 11 months, Aidan has been hanging out in a black box, wrapped in one of his receiving blankets in his crib. we certainly can't keep him there when the baby comes, and I feel terrible that he is just in the black box that he was shipped to us in, but I could never find the perfect urn, and the receiving blanket helped to make it look a little less rough. I better get on the ball, April will be here before we know it :)


Anonymous said...

congratulations make laura and aiden ! im so happy for you guys and laura i hope you start feeling better! xoxoxo frannie

Kerry and Allen said...

Congratulations again guys! We are sooo happy for you. Keep us posted on the pregnancy! It was so nice to see you guys at Emma's baptism. Thanks again for coming.

Anonymous said...

congrats, lk. you know i'm rooting for you, and you better hope i get pregnant this fall so we can have TONS of playdates!

Rebecca said...

CONGRATULATIONS YOU GUYS! We are so happy for you! Laura, have you tried 'Reed's Ginger Ale"? It comes in glass bottles and the extra strength kind has 26 GRAMS of ginger in each bottle. Maybe it could help with the nausea just a wee bit.

JenTietz said...

Congratulations on the new baby!!

I hope that I am not out of line, but I read your blog (Aug. 31st) and found a site that has beautiful urns. One of them is an Angel holding a baby in her lap. I thought I would forward it to you.

You are in my prayers!

laura said...


just wanted to thank you for the site, we actually had purchased this exact same urn last year, unfortunately Aidan was a big fat baby hehe and only a small portion of his ashes would actually fit in it, its designed to only hold ashes of someone under 3 pounds, we didn't realize this when we purchased it. :)

Katetricia said...

Congratulations, all the other mummy said it !! :)

keep us updated with the progress.

Ps: I am not a mummy, but I always have soft spot for babies.

Cheerios !