Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Beat Goes On

So for quite a few months now, Mike and I had been wondering how the little boy who received Aidan's heart was doing. We never received any type of letter from the family and LifeSource hadn't sent us any information other than the initial letter thanking us for Aidan's donation and to let us know that it was a baby boy living in Minnesota and that he had been very sick before the transplant. We finally decided to take matters into our own hands and I contacted LifeSource to see if they could give us any type of an update on how the little boy is/if he has had any complications, etc. A week later we finally got a call back from LifeSource and the woman told me that the little boy just celebrated his 1st birthday, he is doing well and enjoys being read stories and playing with his toys. What a relief!! It gives us so much joy thinking about how a piece of Aidan is still going strong.
We really had been hoping that we would get some sort of a letter from the little boy's family at some point this year, but after doing some online research I found that alot of donor recipient families hold back writing letters for fear of opening up painful memories. That's the main reason we contacted LifeSource, I have no problem writing the family a letter, telling them all about Aidan and how happy we are that their son is doing so well. But i didn't want to do that, just in case something had happened and the little boy hadn't made it. I'm hoping to get the motivation to write the letter in the next few days. :)

On a side note, as I was writing this post I thought about one of the little boys back at the Ronald McDonald House who was waiting for a kidney transplant while we were there. We had been hoping that Aidan would have been a match for him, unfortunately he wasn't. I just checked his website and he just received a live kidney donation at the end of May! what great news!!


Anonymous said...

The new updated blog is very nice.
I am so happy that the little boy is doing so well. He should be, after all he has a heart of gold, from someone very special.
I love & miss Aidan so very much, but as you said he goes on.
I Love you both so very much. You are truly wonderful parents.

Anonymous said...

I love aiden I love you guys please keep us updated on the boy who aiden made miracles for

Anonymous said...

I changed my liscense to become an organ donor because of aiden!! Please let us know what happens with letter.

Anonymous said...

Did u write letter yet?

Taryn said...

*hugs* Good for you guys! Big step :)

Hope for congenital diaphragmatic hernia said...

Hello Laura you don't know me but we have one amazing thing in common, a wonderful, fabulous NICU nurse, Taryn. I found your blog through hers. I just want to say you both are amazing. I stand and applaud you for giving your son's heart to another child. That is just true Motherly/Fatherly love. Aiden must have been a super strong fighter boy I can tell just by the two of you!

Anyway I just wanted to say HI and that you are in my thoughts and prayers as you deal with life in a whole different view away from your son. Just remember "one day lived is another day closer to your angel!"

~Terri (