Friday, May 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Aidan!

Well today Aidan would be 1 years old. Last night I kept replaying a year ago in my mind and then sharing it with Mike. A year ago they were getting ready to break my water, a year ago they were telling me to rest before having to go into active labor, etc etc etc. This morning I woke up and it was raining, I would say that's pretty fitting. Well a few posts ago I mentioned that we would have a surprise for everyone. I didn't realize mail takes so long to be delivered so some of you probably didn't get their present yet, however everyone can now see what we have been working on. Its a video presentation of Aidan in all of his cuteness.

This day will be a celebration
of the short time you were here.
You will always be remembered
with great love and sometimes tears.

There will always be a big void
Our souls will grieve forever.
Will we forget or stop loving you?
No, not now . . . not ever.

As this sad day is upon us
Oh! How our hearts still hurt.
But even as we mourn your death
We will celebrate your birth.

Happy Birthday Baby!


Anonymous said...

I am a crying mess right now. That video was so amazing and beautiful. I love the three of you so very much.
Wish i new what to say other then you know i'm ALWAYS here for you ~B

Anonymous said...

Mike and Laura,
This video you put together was beautiful. I had chills and tears but also happiness because you made Aidan a very happy baby during is life in this world. He was blessed to have great parents like to two of you!

Happy Birthday Aidan.

Cathy & Bill

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...


Mike and Laura... I happened to check Aidan's blog and found today is his birthday. Happy Birthday Aidan. What a beautiful video of him. I did not get to see him so very very cute and healthy. I am so sorry for you and the emptiness you must have. He is a child that will always be in your heart even if not in your arms. I think of you and pray for you daily.
Love to all,
Marie (cincinnati, Regina's mom)

Rebecca said...

That is so beautiful. Of course I am crying. What a wonderful thing to do to celebrate his life. We love you guys!

(I want to learn how to do a video like that!)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday aiden

Taryn said...

Words cannot are both amazing parents and Aidan will be cherished in our hearts forever. Happy Birthday Aidan :) You are such a handsome little man!

Anonymous said...

We love all three of you so much. Let God fill your hearts with His hope.
Mom & Dad Kiczk
Babci & Dziadzi to Aidan

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday-

Lauren said...

Hey Laura,

I found your blog through Rebecca Walters. I ended up reading every single post. I cannot imagine how you feel but thanks for sharing your story. That was a beautiful video you made for Aidan's birthday, which coincidentally, is my birthday, too.