Monday, January 21, 2008

Just Babysitting

I got this idea from a website and I thought it was such a cute yet sad idea so Mike and I wrote our own letter.

Dear God,
This is just a little letter to go over some rules of the agreement while you babysit our little boy. Here are a few points to remember.
1. Please make sure Aidan gets Eskimo kisses everyday. Don't be surprised if he tries to eat your nose, that is a game that he and his Daddy like to play.
2. Tell Aidan that Mommy loves him right up to the moon and back. I read him bedtime stories and Guess How Much I Love You is his favorite.
3. If Aidan becomes inconsolable, two things that calm him down without fail are his Fisher Price Jungle Crib Soother- he loves watching the monkey swing back and forth and his big green pacifier- you might have to add a bit of Sweet-Ease.
4. Please take Aidan for stroller rides to the park. While there push him on the swings and let him play in the sandbox for just one minute longer because all kids just want one more minute.
5. Every little boy needs a dog, so make sure he gets to play with Dakota. Aidan has lots of energy but Dakota could definitely keep up with him.
6. Make sure Aidan isn't a picky-eater. Without an esophagus he never got to taste food before so it might take awhile for him to get used to it.
7. Get Aidan a really great computer and teach him all there is to know about them just like Daddy wanted to.
8. You will need to stock up on batteries because we want lots of pictures to look at when we pick him up one day. We don't want to miss a single thing.
9. Please let Aidan look upon the world and check in on us and everyone else that loves him to make sure that we are okay. And lastly,
10. Like I said we have an agreement and you are ONLY to BABYSIT him until we get there. After we do, don't worry Mommy and Daddy can handle the job.
Thank you God for taking care of our little angel until we can see him again.


Anonymous said...

it was beatiful

Anonymous said...

i miss him god would listen