Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Post Op 7

The Rollercoaster that is Aidan.
    Aidan is slowly beginning to get some more muscle function back. He is wiggling his fingers and toes, opening his eyes and moving his lips/chin around. Just a few minutes ago he started moving his left arm a bit. He has been off the Vec for 26 hours now and seems to be doing really well. They hadn't really messed with his Versed and Morphine, but today Kirsti lowered both of them down to .19mg/hour. They are moving very agressively with him but they definitely think he can handle it. He breathes over the vent (a good thing now) mostly only when he is awake. Everyone seems to be in agreement that he can definitely do the work himself, he is just relying on the vent right now, which in my opinion he is allowed to be a little lazy right now just because he has so much other stuff going on. He really doesn't like the vent tube though. Earlier this morning I saw him cry on the ventilator for the first time, it was heartbreaking to watch him turn red and cry without having any noise come out.
    But in uplifting news, Aidan had saliva come out his g-tube! That is such a huge relief, it means that he is swallowing and there is no leaks! So Kirsti was able to remove his chest tube as well. Aidan seems alot more comfortable without that in, his heart rate dropped a good 10 bpm. It's been quite an eventful day, if all that wasn't enough, we got moved to another room.