Saturday, September 8, 2007

Post Op 10

Aidan is getting stronger!
    Aidan is very cute today. I got to hold him for the first time in 40 days and 40 nights. I teased Laura about being able to fast from holding him longer then she could! He is gradually getting stronger but still has a very soft cry and continues to grunt to regulate his breathing. Respiratory will start giving him bronchial drainage (BD) treatments again. He used to get them while he was on his ventilator and we used to tease the respiratory therapists that they enjoyed beating our son. BD treatments involve the respiratory therapists lightly pounding on his back to help him work out any secretions in his lungs but really does sound like they are beating him. Aidan will continue to gain strength in his lungs and will probably be more normal over the next few days.
    Aidan will start getting speech therapy soon to help him learn how to swallow. The speech therapists will start by working with his pacifier. He has already taken his pacifier for us but can not hold it in for very long.

Aidan and Daddy!


Anonymous said...

VNA of Central NJ has offerred to give Aidan physical therapy,Speech therapy & a visiting nurse. All that would be required is a doctor's order for these things for VNA to have on file. His care post- Minnesota is assurred. Why everyone- loves Aidan!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Aidan looks great! Alex says happy unmorphine day,lol. 40 days and 40 nights, what a test of faith! We miss you and are praying for a quick recovery so Baby Alex and Baby Aidan can play together soon. This will be a wonderful Thanksgiving this year!
Love, Alex, Ria & Baby Alex!

Anonymous said...

Wow--- he is definitly a Kiczek! He looks just like Mike's Dad in this picture! :) It's so nice to see his whole face! You all must be so excited! So when are you coming home???? :)
LOve you, Shannon