Wednesday, September 26, 2007


A quote that is helping to ease the pain little by little.

"Every day may not be good, but there is something good in every day"

This is my daily favorite picture of Aidan
I love this picture because it was while we were on our "summer vacation" from the hospital, before all of the surgeries and scary drugs. He was my perfect little angel who was so full of wonder. He would look all over the room not focusing on anything in particular because he was just trying to absorb so much of life. Normal life, not life in the hospital. He was supposed to get back to that, but he never got the chance!

I never really noticed before how many babies you encounter in your day to day life. Everywhere I go, it seems like there are atleast 10 babies as well. Some crying, some sleeping, some, like Aidan, trying to absorb as much of their surroundings as possible. I'm jealous of these people, I want what they have!


mike said...

I sit here reading your post and it just makes me cry. I love you and Aidan so much and I know in my heart Aidan feels all that love.


Anonymous said...

you are the most amazing people i love you guys

Anonymous said...

ok...I'm crying ....again... I'm so glad that you posted again though... What an adorable picture...

Love you both

Anonymous said...

that's how I felt and the sad thing is I still feel that way evan though I have taven I still feel cheated I see so many 2 year olds and wonder what Alex would have been like at 2 how would he have interacted with Taven I still miss him and it has been 2 years almost to this date that he died you guys are amazing and strong and I am so proud of you both the feeling does not go away but they get alot easier to bear I love the picture but my favorate is the 3 of you leaving for your vacation the one I took the look of joy on your faces that's the look that I would love to see again. you know if you ever need to talk or anything else I will always be there for the both of you
Love Pascale

Vince said...

Both myself and Laura have been checking the blog daily (even though we don't post MIKE :P) and were deeply upset to find out the awful news. Our thoughts go out to you both and although we never met him, we'll certainly remember him in years to come. I'll miss my "nephew" very much. Loads of love to you guys, Vince & Laura xx