Friday, August 31, 2007

Vote Results!

Should Aidan's bear "Champ" keep his MicKey forever?
11 votes (64%) Yes, keep it forever.
6 votes (35%) No, remove it when Aidan has his removed.
17 votes total

    I am so happy Champ will be keeping the MicKey. Laura had wanted Champ to have the MicKey removed but I really do think it looks cute and will help Aidan understand where his scar on his tummy came from. Just before I posted this the MicKey came out of Champ and fell on the floor. When I noticed it was missing from Champ I gave Aidan's pregnant nurse Hilary a heart attack when I said, "Oh my God where is his G-Tube." She jumped up and checked Aidan immediately! I've apologized multiple times to Hilary hopefully she'll forgive me. I gave her chocolate so hopefully that will help.

    Thank you for all your support, prayers and votes.


Anonymous said...

i cant believe how big he looks next to that teddy bear... its so great that hes all connected now thats so exciting you guys well be back home before you know it!!! love you all...ginny

Anonymous said...

Bless his sweet little heart. That picture is so very precious. We have a miracle happening right before our eyes. You two are such an inspiration. I am so thankful that everything is progressing in such a positive direction. Sounds like you're over the hump. God's blessing on the three of you. Judy

Anonymous said...

Very cute story Mike :)