Thursday, August 9, 2007

Surgery 2.0 :-(

    Well Aidan was an add-on surgery for today, they were supposed to start at 8am, Dr. Foker wanted to start at 8am, but there is no 8am slot open, so Aidan isn't in surgery yet. Our morning nurse said she would call our cell phone with information as soon as she knows it, she doubts it would be before 10am, probably more around noon-ish.
    In other news, Mike and I went back to visit Aidan around 11pm last night because we missed him, and he was in some sort of a funk. Basically ever since he returned from his esophagram his stats were elevated, high heart rate (around 170) and high blood pressures (above 100, i believe 121 when we got there). The night nurse got some medication ordered to hopefully decrease his blood pressure, well when I got in I saw that it was still around 100 with his heart rate at around 150, so I asked if he was like that all night and she said pretty much. His fellow EA roommate also was having high stats, so we think it has something to do with the other roommate they have. Right now Aidan is very sensitive to sound, so he is in a low-stimulation environment, so a child crying because they are in pain isn't really a low stim environment. Mike brought this to the attention of the resident on call last night and the charge nurse, needless to say, we still have our roommate. (the PICU is very fully right now)

    I swear I was polite when I mentioned our roommate! You can't blame a 3yr old for crying but you can blame the staff for moving her into the room in the first place, then her staying in the room for so long. The resident on call last night had said, "Hopefully you will have a better day tomorrow." Which I replied with, "Oh he'll be fine he's going to surgery all day tomorrow." LOL


Anonymous said...

I hope & pray that all is going well with Aidan's surgery.
I am also praying for the 2 of you.