Thursday, August 30, 2007

Surgery 4.4 Final

Aidan has an Esophagus!
    Dr. Foker likes to keep people on the edge of their seats. After finding out Aidan was being closed up Laura and I both were worried sick wanting to know how the anastomosis went. We get the news from Dr. Foker 5 minutes ago that Aidan is connected. The tissues aren't as substantial as Dr. Foker would like and he is worried about Aidan's nutrition, also the connection is very tight so Aidan will be down for a few more days while the tension on his esophagus loosens and the anastomosis heals. Laura and I both will be taking it one day at a time as Aidan recovers but he's over the largest hump.

Aidan's New T-Shirt


Anonymous said...

YEAAAHHH for Aidan! :) I'm so happy---I was away for a week--So I have been reading all of the blogs--I was so behind! I'm so glad to hear such great news!
I miss you guys tons---and can't wait to see the little guy again!! :)
love Auntie Shannon :)