Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Surgery 3.3 Final

Aidan got out of Surgery at 2:35PM. Dr. Foker walked out with his big huge mug of coffee and gave us the news. Aidan's Esophagus is most likely less then 1cm away from being attached. Unfortunately there is a leak in the proximal esophageal pouch and rather then connect Aidan and have to worry about having leaks Dr. Foker decided it's best that the Anastomosis wait. We hope the surgery happens on Friday but currently nothing is set in stone. Aidan will be going down to radiology with Dr. Dietz again before the end of the week (more cool xray picrtures!) and we'll know if the leak has healed or not.


Anonymous said...

The events of the previous surgery- where the baby had a leak & needed emergency surgery- has affected Dr. Focker. No one likes to repeat an "error". So Aidan has to wait until things are right- and that is GOOD!

Anonymous said...

sorry its not yet done were hoping and praying for aiden quick recovery Frannie anthony and kozmo

Anonymous said...

Well eventually this surgery is going to happen. I'm sure you were disappointed, but hopefully all these little things are being taken care of now so that when Aidan does get connected everything will be good. Hang in there. I'll see you soon. Love you, Barb