Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Surgery 3.1

Aidan was admitted to the OR at 8:24AM CST. We got to meet Aidan's anesthesiologist Dr. Johnson and he mentioned that Aidan does very well under anesthesia and we shouldn't run into any problems. Really?! Aidan's been anesthetized for over 22 days now! Well it made me laugh and at a time like this I need it. Aidan will start surgery soon but usually it takes about 1 hour before they begin just to get all the preparatory work completed by the nurse anesthetist and the OR nurses. We will continue to post updates throughout the day. Please continue praying for our family and Dr. Foker. Also your comments on this blog really do make this situation so much easier to deal with.


Anonymous said...

Hang in there guys and take one procedure at a time. You're doing a wonderful job and have the prayers and support of a lot of family and friends.