Monday, August 6, 2007

Intensive Care 7.1

a small update from earlier...

Kirsti actually thinks his gap is less than 2cm, which is just outstanding in my opinion!! Currently she is re-tying the sutures and adding more straws and after she is done she will be removing his chest tube, hooray!!! He hasn't had any significant drainage for the past 48 hours so there is no need to keep it in anymore. So he is now down to having the Central Line IV in his neck, the g-tube that will stay in, his ventilator (which if he wasn't under sedation he wouldn't need) and his suture/straw site! (not to shabby for being less than one week post-op)

More good news, our old roommate from 5A, Nate, got to go home yesterday in time for the party and the roommate we had after Nate left, Ella, also just got discharged about a 1/2 hour ago. Mike and I both are praying we don't ever see them again, atleast not at the hospital LOL! We joke with them before they leave that we don't want to see them again either! :-P