Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Intensive Care 9.1

    So we took a trip with Aidan down to Radiology to watch Dr. Deitz preform Aidan's Esophogram. Once Dr. Deitz arrived he mentioned the reason for the study wasn't because they wanted to check his progress but because the daily x-ray at 1:00am had shown the distal esophagus "clip" had slipped and moved back a few centimeters from it's previous position so they wanted to make sure the esophagus was still hooked up to the traction sutures. We watched as Aidan's stomach filled with barium and his esophagus started to fill. Then to our horror the barium started going inside of his chest. Aidan has a slight tear in his distal esophagus but the leak is nothing to worry about and Dr. Deitz helped calm us when he mentioned it will not harm him. We then waited until Dr. Foker came to tell us that Aidan will get surgery at 8:00am tomorrow. "Oh! okay you'll need this then.", I said as I pulled the authorization form for surgery out of his orders binder and filled in our part of it and handed it to Dr. Foker. When I spoke to Kirsti later in the hall and told her I had handed the form to Dr. Foker she said I was nuts and no one does that! Leave it to me to make light of the situation. Before Dr. Foker left he had said the surgery will not slow down his stretching as he will get a little "boost" while he's in surgery because he will be able to put the distal esophagus under the perfect amount of tension and catch up.


Anonymous said...

We are praying for Baby Aidan. Also for the Lord to be with the two of you as we know He is always. Stay strong and have faith that all will be well.
Alex & Ria.