Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Intensive Care 9

    Yesterday I didn't get to update but there wasn't anything significant to report. He got some more straws added, he was able to go on a Vec Holiday for 1.5 hours, his stomach pH level finally increased from 1 to 6 (that's normal).
    Good news so far this morning, Aidan is going for an esophagram later this afternoon! We are hoping that he will get his stage 2 repair on Wednesday, but so far nothing has been scheduled.

Aidan and his favorite stuffed animal , Leo the Lion


Anonymous said...

That has got to be one of the sweetest pictures of Aidan and Leo the lion. I am so happy everything is going well, I keep praying that they can do the surgery some time next week. Hang in there guys. Love, Barb

Anonymous said...

How sweet is that picture... And what a good little boy he is! I can't believe how fast he is stretching! I miss you guys!