Sunday, August 5, 2007

Intensive Care 6

    Aidan is doing really well. Today he was able to go on a "Vec Holiday" for 2 hours!! Yesterday he didn't get one because he was showing off again, this time he coughed! They have increased his sedation medication a bit to try and help with all the extra moving and it seems to be doing the trick. The respiratory therapist was in while we were here and she said that his lung looked better on the x-ray this morning (his left lung has been a bit "junky", so they have been massaging it every 4 hours.) His straws look a bit tight, so i'm doubtful that he will be getting any straws added today, but that's okay.
    Right now as I am writing this, there is a harpist in here playing some music for the "EA room", it's so calming it has me yawning :)


Anonymous said...

I love Aidan's website. I was just reading all of latest "news". Sounds like he is doing well. Happy Belated 30th Mike!! I'll see you soon- Nurse Laura