Friday, August 3, 2007

Intensive Care 4

    Aidan is doing very good today. Earlier in the morning the nurse had turned Aidan over to another side and one of his straws had fallen out. Luckily, one of Dr. Foker's Team, Dr. DeGraft had just walked by and was able to put it back in quickly. Laura and I kinda think he's stretching really well for the straws to fall out. He also was a little cold in his extremities but after lunch we came back and his color was more normal. He doesn't do very much so we spend alot of time chatting with other families here at the hospital trying to bring some smiles to their faces.
    At the moment the Children's Hospital is very crowded with a large majority of the rooms having patients. We were informed Aidan will be getting another roommate, Regina, who also has Esophageal Atresia so the room will stay very quiet. Three babies in the room with Esophageal Atresia, this place must be packed with Gaurdian Angels "Standing Room Only"