Thursday, August 30, 2007

Intensive Care 30

After a whole month with Aidan in a pharmacological coma Aidan will be getting his phase 2 the anastomosis of his esophagus tomorrow. Aidan had his esophagus stretched for the last time before surgery by Kirsti and she told us hopefully Dr. Foker would be up to get consent for surgery. I was kinda overwhelmed with sitting in Aidan's PICU room and went to the family lounge after lunch and passed out in the recliner. Laura and I both wanted to talk with Dr. Foker about his options if Aidan is not connected tomorrow. We both are trying to maintain our positive attitude but after 3 procedures and 1 month with him in a coma we both want him to wake up no matter what happens tomorrow. Aidan will be going into Surgery at 8:00 AM and we will have to be there bright and early. All your prayers will help I am sure! We were hoping Aidan would be connected on August 31 Saint Aidan's feast day but it's close enough.


Anonymous said...

When I woke up this morning I said a prayer for Aidan, Dr. Foker & his hands & both of you.
I just felt today was the day.
Know that even though we are not physically there with you, we are with you mentally.
Love, Mom
See you soon!

Anonymous said...

You have so many prayers, I am sure this going to work today. Hang in there.
Love, Barb