Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Intensive Care 29

It has been such a long but fun day. Today at Rounds they went up on his Vecuronium (his Vec Holiday only lasted 30 minutes today) and they put him an a Bumex drip. The bumex helps shed excess water weight. They also increased his feeds to 15mLs an hour and went down 5mLs an hour on his TPN. The resident assured Kirsti that it would only lower his nutrition potentially by 4Kcals. He also is running a low-grade fever (not above 100.)
This morning I was holding Aidan's hand to try and warm it up because despite him being a bit warm his hands were freezing, and he tried to grasp my finger! It warmed my heart so much! Then he began moving here and there a bit. I told our nurse and she gave him a couple bumps. Even after the bumps he was still squirming a bit. I got worried and she checked the line to see if there was a kink or if the IV was leaking but everything was fine. I asked Kirsti if she thought that the Narcan (the drug that wakes up his bowels) was affecting his Vec and she didn't think so. She said it's probably because he has been on the Vec for awhile and his body just needs more of it.
Aidan also got a pseudo-esophagram today at the bedside. Both Dr. Deitz and Dr. Hunter were out today so they had Dr. Kahn scope both his lower and upper pouches and inject them with a dye and they then took x-ray pictures. While they were doing that, Dr. Kahn put in a G/J-tube. After they were done we asked them how it went and they found no leaks in the esophagus (awesome news) and it looks like there should be enough esophagus to work with, so hopefully surgery on thursday. Obviously we will let you know if this information changes as we get it :)


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Great Great News Dziadzi