Thursday, August 23, 2007

Intensive Care 24

TPN and Growth
Aidan has not gained any weight for 24 days, and 3 month old babies are supposed to gain weight. The PICU doctors are giving Aidan the maximum amount of Total Parenteral Nutrition "TPN" that his body can handle and his liver and kidneys can only handle so much. Dr. Kahn and Kirsti have decided it's time to add some proteins to his diet because Aidan's esophagus has come to a standstill with growth. The proteins would help Aidan's body heal and produce more tissue to allow for more growth. Unfortunately the proteins can only be digested, and when you are paralyzed everything shuts down including the digestive system. They inserted a J-tube (Jejunum tube)through his g-tube site which will bypass the stomach so that he doesn't reflux, instead it will go straight to his small intestines. They are going to be giving his small intestines a drug to fight the Vecuronium in only that area as well as a drug to speed up how fast his body digests the formula so that it doesn't stay in his system for too long. So the PICU nurses and doctors will have to play a balancing act keeping him sedated but letting him digest. We will keep you posted on how well Aidan does on the formula I'm almost positive he will enjoy it.