Friday, August 17, 2007

Intensive Care 18

Well Mike jinxed poor Aidan...
    Last night before we had left Aidan was running a slight fever of 100.3, so as we were going out the door Mike says, "Hope you don't spike a fever before surgery." Sure enough, not an hour later Aidan's temp was above 100.5! So they have been giving him antibiotics so that he can still go in for surgery on monday.
    Kirsti also added some more straws today and said that Aidan is measuring about 1.5cm so he will definitely has enough esophagus to work with by monday morning. She said that she believes he is on the schedule for 8am. As for a timeline of events after his Anastomosis (Connection, Stage 2) she said 2 weeks following the surgery he will have his Nissen which is when they take a piece of the stomach and wrap it around the bottom of the esophagus to reduce reflux to a minimum. Then 10 days after the Nissen he will get his first dilation. After the first dilation they will be able to approximate how many more dilations he will need and when he will need them.
    About an hour after this, Aidan's heart rate starts getting higher and higher and his blood pressure starts rising. Aidan's nurse had already given him his "bumps" of Fentynal and Versed, so she called one of the Residents to see what they should do. A minute or so later the Resident comes in and our nurse gives her the rundown. At this point I look at his stats and his heart rate is at 195 and I think that I overhear the Resident say "Well, I really don't want to miss rounds, so hold on." So now I am in Mama Bear mode!!!!! I remain calm on the outside but I am ready to rip this woman's head off on the inside!! How DARE she think that rounds are more important than Aidan!?!? After the resident says that I saw our nurse give her a look like "really?? you didn't just say that and walk away... But you are the resident so I can't really do anything" kind of look. Lucky for this resident she came back like a minute and a half later, that was her only saving grace. I plan on writing a letter about this as soon as I find out who the letter needs to go to.
    Then a little while later to add to the excitement of all this, somehow Aidan's g-tube comes out, I'm pretty sure that there is a leak. I told the nurse to put 4mLs of water in and then in 12 hours have the nurse pull the water out to see if there is still 4mLs of water in the balloon. If there isn't then there is a leak and a new Mic-Key will have to be put in.

    In some other funny news, last night when we had returned to visit Aidan we were chatting with his nurse and she was telling us how when they were going to put Aidan's g-tube in they didn't know what size to get, so they were searching all through his chart and couldn't find out the info so she goes to them "have you called the parents, they would know" and the other nurse was like "oh yeah! that is a good idea" sure enough, as soon as they asked, it rolled right off our tongues, 14 french 1.5cm, didn't even have to think about it. Mike has gotten so good he is actually thinking he might want to go to nursing school.


Rebecca said...

If you need any help writing a persuasive letter, Tyler is the master letter writer in those sort of circumstances!