Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Intensive Care 16

Warning:: Today's news is really sounding too good to be true, so we aren't getting our hopes up too high but we are remaining highly optimistic.
    We walked in to Aidan's room and Kirsti was getting ready to re-tie all of his sutures and she informed us that he is making great progress and she wants to get him in for his esophagram tomorrow with Dr. Deitz, depending on what the results are, he may be going in for Stage 2 surgery on Friday! If not it will probably be very early next week. There are many variables that have to line up in the sky to make this happen, so Aidan needs lots of extra prayers over the next 48 hours :) Aidan is also getting his chest tube removed today. Such a morale booster from a couple days ago.


Anonymous said...

wooooooohooooooo love frannie

Anonymous said...

I cannot tell you how much I will be praying for this to happen. I'm so happy I think I'll cry. Way to go Aidan. Love, Barb

Anonymous said...

yay! i'm excited for you and aidan and michael. :) by the way, katie is a big sister ... lemme know what your email address is and i'll fwd you the pic. xoxoxo //kl