Monday, August 13, 2007

Intensive Care 14

    Today we spent all day at the hospital. I wanted to catch either Kirsti or Dr. Foker to find out about surgery dates, chest tube status, etc. He had a 2 hour long Vec Holiday, which is good. What they don't want to happen is for it to take him 5 days to begin waking up. We told Kirsti that we were playing around with his x-rays the other night trying to figure out how much of a gap he has left, she asked what we came up with and we said 1.6cm. She then said she didn't know where we were measuring from but he is just getting to 2cm, he was at 3cm when he had his second stage 1. We thought that he was under 2cm before his surgery, she explained that's what they had thought but the clips had slipped giving them that false impression, so it was a bit of a downer. Kirsti then said if he continues to have good growth, then she is hoping to get him in for an esoph-o-gram on friday afternoon and then hopefully surgery next week. We then brought up the chest tube, Kirsti said she will watch it over the next couple days because she doesn't want to pull it too soon and then have to replace it, which is fine with us because we don't want that either.
    So it wasn't a great day for news, but it could always have been worse.


Anonymous said...

im really sorry to hear that! i cant tell you how much i this is all over with and behind you all. i while continue to keep him in my thoughts and prayers!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that the news wasn't better, but Aidan is making progress and that is what matters most. You guys are constantly on my mind and it looks like we might make that trip out there after all. Talk to you soon. Love you, Barb