Friday, August 10, 2007

Intensive Care 10

    After spending all day waiting for Aidan to get out of surgery and worrying about him Laura and I were wiped out. We decided since the dinner at Ronald McDonald House was Sloppy Joe's it's a good time to go out and have some Chinese food and stop at Target and get Aidan a new blanket. Afterwards we went and visited him and he hasn't recovered well from surgery. Not only is his blood pressure a bit high but his heart rate and temperature are just slightly higher then normal as well. We worry about the slightest change in Aidan as they are the only "signs" we get from him. The night nurse is going to let him relax a little bit without his new blanket and his stats are getting better slowly. We won't sleep very well and will post early tomorrow on how well he did overnight.


Anonymous said...

i hope he feels better

Anonymous said...

Barb just told about this blog thing. Although she has kept me up to date on everything with Aidan. Already added blog to my fav. He is soooo cute. I will be checking everyday for updates. Good Luck on Monday.