Thursday, August 2, 2007

Happy Birthday Mike

    I am 30 years old today and I will be spending it visiting Aidan. After thinking about what I want for my birthday I decided it's time to dream.
Digital SLR Camera Outfit $1500
28" Widescreen LCD Monitor $700
42" 1080p LCD HDTV $1500
Digital Video Camera w/Hard Drive $800
Total amount that will actually be spent on my birthday today $0
Visiting Aidan while he grows a new esophagus Priceless

    You can't even imagine how much money Aidan has spent on medical bills so far, but I checked Aetna today and it's already
$304,947.26 billed to our insurance. This is without University of Minnesota Medical Center billing us at all for his stay or his first surgery here.

P.S. Send me Best Buy Giftcards!!

P.S.S. If you want to wish me a Happy Birthday just click the comment box and leave me a "card"


Anonymous said...

Happy 30th Birthday, Mike. I guess this is one you will never forget. Keep that wish list going, it's always nice to dream. Love you, Barb

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Mike. Hope your day goes well. We will keep Aidan in our prayers. can't wait to meet him!! Love,
Aunt Marie
Uncle George
P.S. Tell Laura we said hello and we are thinking about all of you.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday from Mom *& Dad

Express Mail with "present" will be delivered tommorow.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Mike!!! Good luck getting those presents :)

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