Thursday, July 5, 2007

Travelin' Man

well, Aidan is going to be taking his first road trip! After staying in Philadelphia at Children's Hospital for 7 weeks, Mike and I made the decision that Aidan's best chance at getting better would be going to the Children's Hospital out in Minneapolis, Minnesota. There is a doctor there, Dr. Foker, who after viewing Aidan's radiology images thinks that he can do a procedure where instead of pulling the stomach up above the diaphragm, he would grow Aidan's esophagus using sutures and tension. Every day he would pull up and down on the sutures to stretch the esophagus, signalling the esophagus to grow. Most of the time this procedure can take anywhere from 8-14 days, but as we all know, nothing with Aidan is that cut and dry!! I'm optimistically thinking about a month ;)
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