Monday, July 23, 2007


After 2 months of caring for Aidan in a hospital environment the hospital decided it was time to train us for Aidan's 1 week summer vacation from the hospital before his surgery. While on the phone with the training department they wanted to teach us;
G-Tube / Mic Key Care
Feeding Pump.
When I heard this I immediately talked on the phone with the scheduling nurse in the training department. Um mm we had CPR training 1 month ago with CHOP do you really think it's necessary to retrain us? We have been using the feeding pump here in the Hospital for 2 weeks do you really need to train us again? I taught the nurses here in our unit how to replace and tape Aidan's Repogle and we've both have changed it before can we skip suctioning? We've had a class on G-Tube / Mic Key Care and have been doing it since Aidan has been born what do you think?
Basically I negotiated 4 classes down to the 1 class ultra-condensed review edition.

Then the Home Care company wanted to give us 2000$ in supplies for Aidan's 1 week Summer Vacation! After going over all the supplies with a fine tooth Kiczek el-cheapo comb we removed half the supplies she was going to give us. The feeding pump is exactly the same as the one in the hospital, the pulse oxygen meter is almost exactly the same, the suction machine for Aidan I taught the training home health nurse how to use as she had never trained anyone on it's use before. They had this cute ultra small portable suction machine that would have been awesome for us but the lowest vacuum setting was -125mm Hg. Since it was a constant suction device the most Aidan would be able to take without hurting his esophagus would be -45mm Hg and I told the nurse it was garbage.

We are spending the night here with Aidan so the Pediatricians know we can deal with all the toys they will be sending us home with. Aidan has been doing great and is tolerating his feeds very well with practically no leaking. We tried explaining to everyone how he only leaks when he is upset and screaming his head off but they don't believe us. We are only parents what do we know! He hasn't been sleeping much but hopefully he will sleep well with Mommy and Daddy looking over him


Anonymous said...

im so excited for you guys! i bet aiden does better then ever with just u guys, ps what do they know your better then any nurse! omg im soooo excited for you guys good luck kozmo is thrilled to !!!!!!!!!
xoxooxoxooxoxoxoxooxoxoox frannnie