Friday, July 20, 2007


We've got nothing notable to report for yesterday through this morning. Aidan is still being fed with a pump to slow down his feeds so that he doesn't leak, evidently overnight he soaked two pads so now he is getting his 80mLs over 90 minutes, but today as the day goes on we are going to slowly work our way back up. at his noon feed we are going to bump it to 75 minutes, if no leaks at 3pm we will try 60 minutes, etc etc. Our nurses today are going to sign us up for 2 bedside classes, the first one how to work the food pump and the second to show me how to put the repogle in.

On a side note, Aidan is an addict! He is completely and utterly addicted to this stuff called sweet-ease. we first started giving it to him when he was getting all of his IV pokes, the nurses told us about it to keep him calm. well now he goes through like a container of it a day(more if mike and I spill it all over the bed)

Sweet Ease


Anonymous said...

what is this sweet ease stuff? frannie

mike said...

It's basically sugar + water