Saturday, July 28, 2007

Pictures Galore!

Below you will find some pictures from the last few days showcasing what Aidan has been up to
Aidan meeting Ronald McDonald for the first time

Aidan relaxing with his bucket hat on

Aidan at the tail-end of his first smile!!!!!

Aidan taking his first nap at "the Ronald"

Aidan's first car ride...shockingly it was to Target!

Aidan shopping in Target

Aidan watching the television & playing with his links

Aidan having a great time playing with his toys and kicking his legs (he was trying to roll over)

Aidan after a long night of partying he can't even keep his paci in ;) look at his t-shirt! (future rockstar)


Anonymous said...

he is just the cutest little thing he looks like kozmo alot in one of those pictures, he looks thrilled to be in your guys care,,keep up the great work love frannie kozmo and anthony xoxoxoox

Unknown said...

Aye good luck with all lad, let us know how you fair


Anonymous said...

I cannot wait to get my hands on him again! TOOOO CUTE!
love Shan