Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Minnesota Day 3

Today we met a family whose son, Trent, also has long gap esophageal atresia. He is being stretched right now and will probably be done around the same time as Aidan. He has been at the hospital since March!! (hopefully it won't be that long for Aidan!)
Aidan had an echo done, the doctor said that everything looked good, and that his aorta was on the left(the correct side). A doctor had thought that one of the x-ray pictures was showing the aorta on the right side, but it was just misleading.
We also got news that Dr. Foker won't be starting the procedure on Aidan until after he gets back from his 12 day trip, so the earliest Aidan will start the growth procedure would be july 29th.
Tomorrow Aidan is going to get an ultrasound to check his kidneys, liver and intestines to make sure everything is okay with them, and he is also going to be getting an endoscopy to check and see how the esophagus looks as far as how thick it is, if there is any trauma to the two ends, etc.
Below are some pictures from the last few days!
This is the private jet that Aidan and I flew on to get to Minnesota

Aidan enjoying his new room and mobile (child life rocks!)


Anonymous said...

Wow--Laura--You guys have been busy lately! I was going to come by the hopital this week--but I guess you won't be there! I can't believe that you are in Minnesota! Who would have thunk it?? This new Doc sounds great! Best of luck to you all---I'm so happy that things are going so well!!! Please give Aidan a kiss for me and know that I'm thinking of you all! :)
ps--Sweet jet! How did you pull that off?? Any why didn't you invite me! ;)