Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Good news today:
1. We have a room at the Ronald McDonald House starting later tonight!!
2. Aidan's surgery date is set for July 31st at 8:00am!!

but the BEST NEWS:
Aidan is getting out of the hospital next tuesday!!! (probably, if insurance allows it)

Dr. Foker's NP, Kirsti, has said that she's working on getting us discharged to the Ronald McDonald House for the 5 or so days before his surgery! Once you got the people in the hospital behind you, you are pretty much discharged. The only concern is that insurance will be upset about the medical transport that they just paid for and then we would be responsible for the flight, but we had asked before the flight if we could fly commercial and it was up to the doctors at CHOP and they wouldn't allow it.
Discharge plans would be to take him off of the hospital's monitors on Monday and for 24 hours we would be here with him using the home monitors to make sure they don't randomly alarm, etc and then on tuesday we would be discharged to stay with him at the Ronald. I'm floating on air right now!!! When we brought up suction machines, Mike told Kirsti and one of the peds that we had been researching different machines and the best seems to be the Easy Go Vac and the ped laughed and said that he loves how we are always 3 steps ahead of them :)


Anonymous said...

im soooooo happy 4 u aiden !

love frannie

Anonymous said...

how exciting!