Saturday, July 14, 2007

Leaky Faucet

Aidan relaxing after a long night of crying
Aidan getting ready for his bath
Aidan sucking on his "paci" in his wayyyyyyy too big hospital PJ's

Aidan has been leaking food and stomach acid now for 2 days. After talking with the family a few doors down whose daughter has EA and his nurse from yesterday afternoon, this morning we talked to the doctors during Rounds and told them that we understand that his g-tube site needs time to heal, however it can't heal properly if he is CONSTANTLY leaking and he won't gain weight because he is pushing out an hour's worth of food in 4 hours time. They finally agreed but told us that the stoma length really has nothing to do with the leak problem. They got Dr. Kahn (the doc who put the new g-tube into Aidan) on the phone and together we all made the decision that the best thing for Aidan would be for Aidan to be fed through an IV for the next day or two so that his stomach is empty and then he will get some medication called Reglan (which is also used for reflux) to get the food and stomach acid out of his stomach as fast as possible. Then he will get a medication through his IV because it looks like he is starting to get an infection from the constant leak. In two days we should be able to start his regular bolus feeding 8 times a day and see how his g-tube site is after a rest.

When Aidan's feeds start up again he will be switching to straight formula feeds. After coming out to Minnesooooooo-ta (LOL) my supply has dried up :( But on the bright side i'm freeing up 2 hours of my life again HAHA


Anonymous said...

do you remember that jacob used to get reglan for his digestive issues? poor aidan. poor laura. poor michael. i'm pulling for you guys.

BBQ Recipes said...

Love thiis