Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Gap-O-Grams & Cloud 9!!!

Dr. Foker and his team are my new favorite people!! After only being in Minnesota (pronounced Minneso000000-ta) for one day we have had the best news since I was about 33 weeks pregnant. Aidan had a gap-o-gram done by Dr. Foker's team this afternoon and for once Aidan co-operated!! Initially the doctor wasn't able to find a visible distal esophagus; however, he then removed aidan's g-tube and using a combination of catheters he was able to cannulate through to the lower esophageal pouch. Then an endhole catheter was placed through his nose and then they simultaneously injected both pouches with barium and low and behold his situation is not as bad as it first appeared!!!!! They have estimated Aidan to have a gap of 4.3 cm. between his distal and proximal pouches. That's not that bad a gap at all! We may have to wait until Dr. Foker gets back from his international trip to start the growing process. Mike and I are on Cloud 9!!!


TJW said...

Congratulations! That is great news.

Anonymous said...

i don't want you so far away! i sincerely hope that when alllll this is done you will be reporting to the cdc for a visit with my boy. keep blogging; miss you! xoxo