Sunday, July 15, 2007

Better Day

Aidan is doing good today. His g-tube site isn't leaking huge amounts anymore he only has a little IV gauze pad being changed every 4 hours and its not soaking through like it was yesterday. even when he cries he doesn't leak which is so much better than yesterday when it would pour out of him.
The site is actually doing so well that they starting to feed him again. Right now he is getting 7mLs of formula every hour and still getting IV nutrition, but over the next 24 hours they will gradually increase the formula and decrease the IV as he is able to tolerate it.
The antibiotics seemed to be working really well because Aidan isn't as grumpy today and he even wants to be held laying on his belly, no other position! :)

Outside of the hospital news: Mike and I finally found someplace to do some laundry and we are settling into the hotel room, not so much living out of bags and the car. We also called the Ronald McDonald House and we somehow moved back 2 spots and now are 6th on the list, when we call tomorrow we are going to find out how we got pushed back!


Anonymous said...

I'm praying for your baby to get well soon. Cheer up dadies :)