Monday, July 16, 2007

2 Months Old

Today Aidan turned 2 months old! He celebrated by holding his head up for longer periods of time and staying awake most of the day. When we got to him this morning around 9:30ish he was awake and we left him at 5:30pm after just getting him to sleep, of that time he only slept about 2 hours, that's a record for him! :) I tried to get him to smile all day today but he just wouldn't cooperate, he is a very serious little boy ;)
They are still increasing his feeds, he got 15mLs per hour and they are probably going to increase him again somepoint tonight and then again in the morning and his g-tube site didn't leak all day today!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Laura, Mike & Aidan!
I thought of all of you yesterday, and it being Aidan's 2 month Birthday!
I miss all of you very much!
I hope that Aidan will be getting better soon.